Paris Hilton


Devassa - Paris Hilton - (2010) :60

Paris Hilton continues her career of advertising drinks by "Being sexy" anywhere but the US.

Paris Hilton heads south—again. - (2010) :60 (BRAZIL)

Oh, the entrendre possibilities, that one!
Paris Hilton VACANT copyright Lathkill96

Paris Hilton not amused by "Vacant" billboard's truth in advertising + Toyotas flickr-pillaging

Paris Hilton is not amused. The American hotel heiress is upset a photo of her is being used to advertise vacant billboard space in Auckland.

Siren by Paris Hilton - print, USA

There are too many jokes on fishy smells here, I'd rather not say anything. It's described as " tropical floral fragrance with notes

Paris Sidekick hacked, and sales go through the roof

Remember when Paris Hilton T-mobile account was cracked and I suspected that it might be marketing?
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