Adland interrupts this broadcast to show you our new test card pattern.

Over at Design By Hümans (oh god, the stupid use of a silent umlaut) there's a test pattern "creatures" T-shirt. They look like little pink devils! I should get this shirt, I even have the soundtrack to go with it! :) Let it be the soundtrack for this post:

Seems that I'm not the only one slightly obsessed with Test Card F and test patterns in general. Come to my house and you'll wipe your feet on a test pattern door mat, I got my test pattern earrings on, I check my D&G Medicine Man Test pattern watch. No I don't, I check my test pattern wall clock. Special Sally at Deviant Art has even knitted a really nice TV-pattern pullover. Obviously there's even a test pattern TV cosy.

So kick back, grab your TV test pattern mug, load your test pattern TV tray with junk food, grab your tv test pattern pillow, relax and watch some ads. Maybe even start at last years test pattern ad from TBWA vancouver, no wait don't do that, it tells you to read books instead. Boo! But even when you do something sensible, like go out for a nice walk you will eventually meet a test pattern wall like this one in Texas.

Fine, I'll admit it, I will not be happy until my living room looks like this installation, and I'll even dress my kid to match. And everyone knows that a bathroom just isn't TV enough if it doesn't have that test pattern shower curtain.

For those wondering why on earth change again, it wasn't by choice that we've been wearing a rather green default style these past few weeks, it was due to an upgrade which left the old design broken and gave us a few assorted bugs (understatement!) to spend time on. Once I had that fixed I could dress it up.

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