Adland is now available on the dark web, the first ad news source to be accessible as a Tor hidden service

If you don't know what the terms dark web and deep web mean, here's a quick primer: The dark web is the encrypted network that exists between Tor servers and their clients. The deep web is databases behind paywalls or in government / banking / other services networks that can't be indexed by search engines. Mind you, the dark web can't be indexed by search engines either. Todays Tor's obsession began when I spotted this musing among Adland's twitter friends earlier;

Good question! Hang on, Adland has responsive design so all I would have to do is get onto the dark web to respond to Emelia's musing. Sagt och gjort, as we say in börk-börk-Swedish-chef language, lets do this.

And that is why you later found this cryptic tweet from us:

You can now read Adland on the dark web - Adland is the first advertising news org to be accessible as a Tor hidden service. zpvluacf3b3cjxm7.onion Privacy intact, no network surveillance and no traffic analysis. Enjoy. I only know of one other news organisation that is available on the dark web, and that's Propublica who announced their dark web feature only hours earlier.

Photo depicts my famously dirty laptops. Shoutout to The Internet Engineering Task Force , Bad Assembly, Swedish Network Users' Society and TOR for my stickers.

The press noticed.
The Drum: Adland goes dark (web)
AMA: A Marketer’s Guide to the Dark Web
Independent Ireland: Can media make it on the darkside?
Resumé: "I väntan på mediernas Spotify
Medievärlden "Ad-tired ad-pros led to ad-site on the dark web"

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