Cheating Husband = Hoax

Update: Oh, so it wasn't a publicity stunt, it was "a social experiment that aimed to test media response to a relatively unimportant story." Thanks for that, Mr. DJ.


So, then, didya hear the one about the guy forced by his wife to stand at a busy intersection with a sandwich board reading "I cheated. This is my punishment."?

Yeah, I can see why not.

Though it was first broken by an LA news outlet, the story seems to have gotten only a little play outside the Beltway (and IIRC, where he was standing was, technically, outside the Beltway) — most of it being his interview and heated discussion with his wife on 99.5 FM. I kept expecting to hear more, waiting for the other shoe to drop …

And, a week later, it did: "Man's Roadside Repentance for Cheating a Ruse." It was a ratings-boosting stunt by the radio station's morning DJ "Kane" (ugh, everybody in this article's using a pseudonym). It's not even the first time someone's done this.

Seems that everyone was a bit skeptical from the get-go. Something like this happens, and we all expect it to be some sort of marketing ploy.

Personally, though, I was hoping for something more interesting than a promo for a drive-time show. Though now, I suppose I'm part of the reason someone's gonna do it again, what with the links and coverage it's now getting.

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