Art Director Wisdom.

I got a little carried away when procrastinating today, and by popular demand here is a more permanent place for these tweets. For added fun, and to prove twitter is not just a megaphone, conversations do happen, replies are included. :)

Art Director Wisdom #1: People only say "Great idea" if you execute it flawlessly.

Art Director Wisdom #2: He who doesn't put the marker cap on properly is an evil, evil, person.

Art Director Wisdom #3: There are no bad fonts, there is only bad typography.

Art Director Wisdom #4: Even the best copywriter you've ever worked with, can't find a way to explain what you really do to your mom.

Art Director Wisdom #5: The x-acto knife is not a toothpick

Art director Wisdom #6: Spraymount can be used as hairspray and removed with olive oil or conditioner, despite what cw @caff thinks.

~ hakestam: @dabitch Spraymount can also be used as napalm light with cigarette lighter and some basic training. 3M never mentions this on can, strange
~ darrellwhitelaw @dabitch don't forget xacto knife throwing stars.

Art Director Wisdom #7: Keeping your burnisher collection in a pen jar drives your copywriter crazy. fun!

Art Director Wisdom #8: Permanent ink stains can be removed with rubbing alcohol or nailpolish remover.

Art Director Wisdom #9: SuperGlue is the best band-aid for deep bleeding paper cuts when you need to keep blood off your bristol board.

Art Director Wisdom #10: Design the whole ad from the ugliest thing in it. Usually, that's the logo.

Art Director Wisdom #11: Make logo 30% smaller than you want.When client wants it bigger, enlarge 10%. Repeat 3 times. They never ask 4 times

Art Director Wisdom #12: The punter can never love the line if they can't read it.

Art Director Wisdom #13: Wax gets in your eyes, hair and everywhere except the back of the galley. (Young adpups will not get this)

~ thomdinsdale: @dabitch You're right, I don't get it. :P
~ garrick_s: @dabitch You're killing me with these! I remember picking bits of copy off my clothing every evening after a day of paste-up.

Art Director Wisdom #14: If fellow AD lets you touch their markers, place them back in holder in exactly the color order you found them in.

~ nicole_fletcher @dabitch completely agree on the marker issue. Total pet peeve of mine!

Art Director Wisdom #15: "Don't bleed on the boards!" when co-worker slices finger off is not insensitive, it's being helpful.

~ Zindella @dabitch Yep. Innovation comes through taking something away.

Art Director Wisdom #16: Everyone in the world can read 5pt if it's on the right paper.

Art Director Wisdom #17: It's not about making it simple, it's about how you make it simple.

Art Director Wisdom #18: If copywriter ever calls you a wrist, always refer to them as "the textguy" from then on.

~ strawberrycough @dabitch i'd call you a fart director, myself.

Art Director Wisdom #19: People never read the copy unless it's Lorem Ipsum

Art Director Wisdom #20: Fonts are like voices. Saddam Hussein speaks in Futura Extra Bold Condensed, all caps.

~katrinalimbaugh: @dabitch not any more he doesn't... :/

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