TDC Explores Latin American Typography With “Cha Che Chi” Conference

The Type Directors Club, part of The One Club, is proud to announce the next edition of its Type Drive Culture Conference series: “Cha Che Chi”, explo

Pony Malta "Illegal Classroom" (2022) 1:42 (Colombia)

According to the UN, the 70% of the children in scholarship age doesn’t have access to virtual classes due lack of internet connections, this problem
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Colombia "Land of flowers" (2016) 2:00 (Colombia)


Tigo Music "Boring songs" (2016) :30 (Colombia)

Dolculax - Chicken / Pig - print ads, Colombia

Viajes Galeón - Twitpoker - (2012)

Viajes Galeón was launched via a twitpoker game, where players weren't stripped of their clothes, but their twitter followers. Egads!
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Sol Protonik - Class Photo - print, Colombia

Unicef - Sheet - (2008) :30 (Colombia)

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