Egard - What is a woman? Womanhood is a birthright (2022) 2:00 (USA)

Egard Watches are back, now that they've settled "What is a man", as a response to that famous Gillette advert that spawned a new razor company called Jeremy's Razors, they ask "What is a woman?"

The VO asks - "Is a woman the wonder of childbirth? Is a woman, a caregiver? Is a woman a warrior, who fought for her place?" as news footage of suffragettes appears. "Is that now being taken away, soon to be forgotten. Is that not worth protecting?" as it cuts to footage of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson who replies that she can't provide a definition of a woman.

"And how long do we sit idly by, and not stand for the sacred value of womanhood, as it loses all meaning."

There is not a watch in sight. Because you aren't really buying a brand of watches here, you are buying an opinion. This is what it has come to as "cause marketing" infected everyone. Aspirational is out, opinionated is in.


The CEO Ilan Muallem Srulovicz said in a statement: 

I know that countless people will say "why are you putting a video like this out... you are a watch brand!"

We live in a time where every major corporation like Disney, Amazon, Netflix, Ben and Jerry's and countless others are comfortable promoting their perspectives and values on the other end of the spectrum and yet for some reason it seems like we must remain silent. We don't subscribe to that notion.

We feel the value of womanhood is under attack and the long hard fought battles and progress that women have made are quickly being erased. We know that many people will attack us for this video. We know it will most likely be shadowbanned, censored or cause backlash but to be honest, we don't care as we feel it necessary to get this message out.

So there you have it, they seem to be hoping for a Twitter ban or similar, which they can then get more press out of. After all, that's what happened to many feminists which we've reported on for years now, they were banned from Twitter, banned from Wordpress, and even banned from having the word "woman" on advertising billboards. On their website they now sell "womanhood is a birthright" necklaces, which seems like an afterthought.

Egard Watches

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Radical feminism sells watches now?

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Anybody who can not define what a woman is should not be a Supreme Court Justice.

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I give her a pass on not defining a woman. If she had, she'd have been defeated in her supreme court bid by the Dems (I am a dem, btw). The question was clearly a trap from the right.

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These watches are cheap Chinese rubbish. The only thing they have as an edge is the advertising, which looks just as cheap.

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Cheap Chinese watches getting famous because this is a controversial statement now. 2022 is wild.