The Excorcist in Cannes Lions - not signed off by the client? Seems not... yet.

You have to read this in the voice of Peter Falk (may he R.I.P) as I watched too much Columbo as a kid. I worry. I mean, little things bother me. I'm a worrier. I mean, little insignificant details - I lose my appetite. I can't eat. My wife, she says to me, "you know, you can really be pain." Well.
Here's what I'm worrying about now, that Dirt Devil "Exorcist" Cannes Lions shortlisted ad that (kinda) sucks.

Dirt Devil Exorcist


There's a rule when entering the Cannes Lions Film category. There's several. Lets look closer at number 8.

8. All entries must have been made within the context of a normal paying contract with a client, except in the charities and public services categories. That Client must have paid for all, or the majority of the media costs.

Well, if you look at how it was entered, the credits seem to tell us that the client has signed off on this. Type of Entry: Product & Service Category: Home Appliances & Furnishings Title: EXORCIST Advertiser/Client: DIRT DEVIL There are a couple of loose ends I'd like to tie up. Nothing important you understand, but, I was looking too close at rule number two before. The one that reads:

It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the commissioning client has the rights to use the intellectual property of the brand advertised. Entries cannot be made without the prior permission of the advertiser/owner of the rights of the advertisement.

And this, you see, makes it sound like all they really needed was permission from Dirt Devil. That is until I looked at rule number 8. But then... Just... One more thing... This was emailed to me by the Dirt Devil / Royal Appliance International GmbH Marketing Manager.

this film is produced by a film academy in south germany and is actually awared for the best newcomer film in europe. I'm currently in contact with the academy to use the rights in europe.

To me, this just doesn't add up. Are we getting rights for the film after it was entered as a legit paid for by the client film in Cannes Lions? It seems we are. Sometimes I even wonder about my wife, not that she's a crackpot.

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Just like elsewhere in life, it seems there are always those who don't have to play by the rules...while the rest of us do. Why should ad awards be any different? ;)

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Another one caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

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Pfff...what would you guys think Award shows would be like, if they only would have "play by the rules" ads?
Right, there would hardly be anything creative these days.

It's like everyone speaks about the negative effects of drugs and points fingers ("drugs are bad"), but it seems everybody is doing it. (Just read the papers: Money bills and rivers show traces of drugs.)

Same thing with all those fake ads.

Why? Because two financial crisises (since 2001) nearly destroyed creative advertisement. In times of fear nobody is willing to take any risks (marketing/ clients) and I guess that it will stay this way.

Advertisement is dead!