Fuzzy flashbacks from days of yore - the 80s.

Superadgrunts, Adland has a special treat for you to wrap up 2005. Strangely enough, it involves going back to the early 80s - back when Saturday mornings meant something, dammit.

Click for more to discover a mess o' commercials from back in the day, all in Superadgrunt Quicktimey goodness.

National Dairy Board - Milk - Milk's Got More

Hi-C Fruit Drinks - You're Gonna Love Hi-C

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum - Chewdown

Bubble Yum - Serious

M&Ms - The Bases

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Movie Theater

Rolo - The Thinker

Tomy - Starriors

Levi's - A Few Words

Fruit Corners - Fruit Roll-Ups - Hay Ride

Bonkers - Hotel Lobby

Hershey's Kisses - Circus

Hershey's Milk - Where Choclate Milk Comes From

Toys R Us - I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Nabisco - Newtons - Hiding Place

Nabisco - Oreo - Bright Ideas

3 Musketeers - Chocolate Cloud

Chef Boyardee - Zooroni

Twizzlers - Mouth

Kellogg's Honey Smacks - Class

Kellogg's - Froot Loops - Treasure

Kellogg's Corn Pops - Gotta Get Pops

Mattel Books - She-Ra Princess of Power

Kellogg's Rice Krispies - Slumber Party

Kool-Aid - Hot Kids

Post Honey-Comb - Gettin' Ready

General Mills - E.T. Cereal

Ralston Purina - Cookie-Crisp - Campers

General Mills - Honey Nut Cheerios - Grandpa

Chef Boyardee - Pac-Man Pastas

McDonald's - Wishful Thinking

McDonald's - Hot!

McDonald's - Chest of Drawers

McDonald's - Dancin'

Jell-O Pudding Pops - Slumber Party

Campbell's - Ice Skating

Aqua-Fresh for Kids - Surprise

Panosh Place - Voltron

Tomy - Verbot

Parker Brothers - Touching Tunes

LJN - Thundercats - Mumm-ra and Lion-O

Ideal - The Chipmunks

Tonka - Super Go Bots

Mattel - Sun Gold Malibu Barbie

Mattel - Poochie - soda shop

Mattel - Poochie Pals

Nerf - Boomerang

Hasbro - My Little Pony - Surprise

Mattel - Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars

Tomy - Lights Alive

Kenner - Super Powers Collection

Hasbro Softies - Gizmo / Gremlins

Post Alpha-Bits - Big Pig

Post Alpha-Bits - Computer Instant Winner Game

Mattel - Day-to-Night Barbie

Mattel - Barbie - Silver 'Vette

Lego - 566 - Like a Million Toys in One

Parker Brothers - Care Bear Books

Mattel - Masters of the Universe / He-Man - Stinkor

Mattel - Masters of the Universe / He-Man - Spikor

Mattel - Masters of the Universe / He-Man - Roton

Mattel - Masters of the Universe / He-Man - Land Shark

Mattel - Masters of the Universe / He-Man - Dragon Walker

Hasbro - G.I.Joe - Water Moccasin

Hasbro - G.I.Joe - Cobra Flightpods / Silver Mirage Motorcycle

Hasbro - G.I.Joe - Cobra Claw / Skyhawk

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes - Horsey Ride - Burger King variation

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes - Horsey Ride - M&Ms variation

Chips Ahoy! - Betcha Bite - 1

Chips Ahoy! - Betcha Bite - 1 - short

Chips Ahoy! - Betcha Bite - 2

Chips Ahoy! - Mystery Poster

Post Super Sugar Crisp - Solid Gold Instant Winner Game

K-Tel international - Break-Master

Tootsie Roll - Jingle / Swap-A-Joke Sweekstakes

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A W E S O M E !

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Brings back a lot of memories....it was around this time that I was inspired to go into the advertising business. Damn commercials!

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Where's the beef?