Help Stephen Control @Sweden - Tweet #artificialSwedener

"How should countries use twitter? Same as everyone else - when they're drunk". Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report spoke about @Sweden last night. Yes, as in the "Visit Sweden" government sponsored tourism twitter account - also known as the gift that keeps on giving, finally toppling Karen26 the fake single Danish mom seeking the father from her throne of worlds most embarrassing tourism ad ideas.

Why does Stephen want to the be an artificial Swede? He loves the country and has seen that one can tweet pretty much anything one wants from the account, masturbation habits, urine-gags, anything that comes to mind. Lets help him, shall we? It's not like he Stephen could make things worse or even more stereotypical, now that a naive blond has been race-baiting while working in penis and vagina jokes in her stream. Twitter stream, you pervs.

"When it comes to other countries in the world.... I'm against." But he loves the Sweden account. Give it to him.

Nation! The Twitter account @Sweden is managed by a different Swede each week. Help Stephen become the first non-citizen to control the account.
Nominate him by:
• Sending an email to
• Tweet #artificialSwedener

Stephen Colbert talks about math as a reason for him to take over the twitter account. I think there are a few more good reasons:

  • This would (probably) be the only way to save face after yesterdays failed jokester.
  • Swedes could all claim huge success of the experiment based on twitter-followers alone, regardless if Stephen manages to attract any new visitors, dispel myths, create new ones or joke all week long.
  • At least Stephen Colberts audience will have heard of the country
  • There will be proper satire coming from the Sweden account.
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