"Karen" the Danish mother seeking is actually Ditte Arnth #Karen26

Update: So Politiken.dk has an article revealing that the Danish tourist board is behind #Karen26 - with the idea spawned by Grey. Forget Tivoli, that teeny disappointment of a statue known as the little mermaid, the beautiful light of Skagen that inspired world renowned art, Legoland, the quaint walking street Strøget, Danish design, the 'lawless' Christiania with its art, music and funny cigarettes and open-minded living. These days Denmark is most known for cartoons that offend muslims, deporting muslims asylum seekers by forcing them out of churches in the middle of the night, and hippie-land Christiania is about to be torn down. Good thing they still have loose women and unprotected sex to sell the country by, right? Come to in Denmark.

It is the most successful viral advertising ever. We have cut through the media clutter. It has cost us the same as a 30 second commercial, aired a few times on TV2" says Peter Helstrup from advertising agency Grey that has created the campaign.

Good to know that Grey subscribes to 300,000 views = good, rule. I have news that you might have missed, a million flies can't be wrong - eat shit. 300,000 tourists was the goal, not a bunch of previous male tourists breaking out in cold sweats randomly around the world.

So, the client is "Visit Denmark" - a tax funded tourist org. Danes commenting at Politiken have overwhelmingly negative reactions to the idea, commenting: "is this really how we want people to know Denmark? 'I decided to show you what 'hygge' is all about so we went back to my place and had sex'? I'm ashamed!"

People - Inspirationsministeriet included have also pointed out that the idea seems a direct rip off from HuskMitNavn's recent stunt at Roskilde - where he posted flyers bearing the text "Mathias from Örebro" Where are you? Remember last year at Roskilde? This is your son!" showing a smiling baby picture. At least be original.

0xKaren26 - Karen in Denmark seeking August's father - (2009) (Denmark)

It has now been revealed that the #Karen26 which twitterers called as fake pretty much from the get go, is indeed a fake - actress Ditte Arnth who played Karen will not say what the video is actually for though. Funniest twitter tag born from all the hoopla in the Danish twittersphere: #unKaren

Meanwhile Mono.net is buying adwords to try and catch the Karen-wave. Either way, the whole setup looked like it cribbed most of the idea from "Man in a jacket". A Badland-viral if you will. And much like the man in a jacket story, people don't like being conned. When will y'all learn?

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