Killer orginality.

Dress to kill - visual chalkline pun executed (ahem) in the same style. Finally an idea in a fashion advert, shame it's been done..

Client: John Pearse

Agency: Doner Cardwell Hawkins, London

AD: Paul Surety

CW: Mark Rudd

Line reads: Go out in style. ..dead guy 2

Client: hij

Agency: TBWA/Campaign Company, Amsterdam

AD: Dierdrick Hillenius CW: Poppe van Pelt

Line Reads: Italian (chalk) striped suit 299:-

NewsFlash! Here's another victim! Found by About-Face. This is not an ad but an image in a fashion spread from Details magazine. It still has a Weegie-feel* even though it is in color, so perhaps it was still inspired by the same source? Whaddyareckon? This girl looks like she jumped though, rather than being shot or attacked. Yuk. I'm not gonna buy that suicide-dress. Yeah I dress to kill.. But not me.. (sorry, couldn't contain myself)

*Weegie? Was that the name of that journalistic photographer in New York who always arrived atthe scene before the cops? Someone set me straight please.It was Weegie wasn't it?

Hmm...Well.. The ads are both funny, and slightly different.(only *just* though) Just a case of going through the same stock-photography books perhaps? Or rather Art Books, as they mimic the same photographers style. Whatshis name? Weegie?

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