KOVR a signal blocking jacket fundraiser

Yes, we usually do not post fundraisers here, but seeing as I've personally covered the privacy rights group "hacking" Bumbee Labs scanners, and held seminars about your privacy in the age of cellular phones, so I couldn't ignore this one. Kovr is an anti-surveillance jacket, designed to block out every in- and outgoing signal, making it impossible to access your personal information. Or so they say, it's a nickel, copper, and polyester jacket, with a snazzy asymmetric duffel coat design and a special front pocket for when you want to be reached by phone. Sort of a wearable faraday cage if you will, and great for shoplifting RFID tagged items with. I'm kidding, don't do that. Marcha Shagen and Leon Bauw are the creatives behind this idea.

The Indiegogo aims to collect €15,000 EUR, and has at the time of writing exactly €0, with which the Dutch duo hope to create their first batch handmade Anti-Surveillance Jackets. The jacket has a matching steel backpack reinforced with a stainless steel shell as well. The design of the jacket is eye-popping silver with comfortable sized pockets on the sides, and an extra inside pocket for credit cards, and a hoodie that can shield your entire face from those ubiquitous CCTV's. The website projectkovr.com has more information.

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