No nipples please, we're British.

The offending nipple-scene, above.

An ad that encourages Europeans to vote has been re-edited for Britain, editing out part of a scene where a young woman breastfeeds her baby.
The CAA felt it was too overtly sexual for it to be given a universal certificate. In all the other European Union countries the nipple version will air uncut, the voiceover says: "You've been voting since you were born: don't stop now - European parliament elections, 10th of June."

From MediaGuardian:

Julia Drown, the Labour MP who campaigned in favour of breastfeeding after she was banned from feeding her baby son in a Commons committee room, said: "This is a strange decision. If the British are offended by bosoms, why do we have millions thrust in our faces every day by the tabloids?

The ad will air uncut in 23, the edited version in UK, while Ireland will not air the ad at all. None of the other countries had a problem with the feeding scene, while the french were uncomfortable with a scene that had a stern looking female judge in it. The ad will air pan-european from the 28th of May.

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