Orgasms affect short-term ad-memory?

Or perhaps they've been playing with themselves so much they have gone blind on used adconcepts - Trojan condoms versus the sexy and controversial Coco De Mer campaign.

In late November of 2001 these ads appeared over the United Kingdom. Adam Scholes, art director of the series said: "These are war faces. The photographer was shaking and sweating after he took these." , I bet he was....

Already on the first day of the campaign the ASA was alerted and stated:

"The British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion are quite clear: no ad should cause serious or widespread offence. The ASA will investigate any complaints it may receive about these posters."

The campaign went on to rake in ad awards and photography awards.

The Coco de Mer campaign was created at Saatchi & Saatchi in London, Art Director Adam Scholes, CW was Hugh Todd and the photography was done by Frank Budgen. All the models are at the moment of an actual real orgasm when the photograph was taken. Bonus trivia, Coco De Mer was founded by Sam Roddick, that's Anitas daughter folks! Now on to the Trojan campaign:

The trojan print campaign launched today, you can see films as well on the Trojan website. This poster campaign is called "faces" and will appear on 3,600 poster sites around the UK according to Revolution bulletin today. The creative work, website and posters was created by Media Therapy. Whether the models are actually having real orgasms like in the Coco De Mer campaign isn't revealed in the bulletin. Hat tips to adgrunt Alex and queen ad-bee Caffeinegoddess.

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grappig! ;) hehehe.

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KInder-egg ripoff!

You must put that in the ad dictionary.

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Wait.. So they got the photo version from either Coco Del Mer or the artist shown above - and the Video version from Beautiful agony that Imanaddy linked? .......or?

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Who's the lucky (or unlucky) actress in this ad? Nuts. They will get a lot of press buzz for their money though, I'm sure.

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From Brand Republic:

Trojan condoms has paid £100,000 for a 20-second advertising slot during the first episode of 'Big Brother' this Friday (May 28th), promising viewers to bring the first orgasm to British television.
The spot has been created by Media Therapy as part of the "Faces" campaign, which promotes Trojan's "shared pleasure" condoms.
In a move that would have the late Mary Whitehouse up in arms, the ad will show a couple having sex, focusing on a woman having an orgasm.
The ad was created by Neale Hunt, creative director at Media Therapy, and art director Andy Tye. It was directed by Ed Robinson through the Viral Factory.
Coaxing the actors to give realistic performances proved to be a challenge for the creative team. Hunt said: "Can you imagine sitting opposite 20 guys and asking to see their most intimate orgasm face? But I have to say, Ed Robinson was the man, he was a complete genius."
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....Anyone have a cigarette?

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Here at this link: Beautiful agony (mostly) womens faces are filmed while they... play. No nudity, just faces again. (Not really safe for work though, as there is sound).

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If you guys are copywriters, why don't you have more inventive come-backs?

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whining about copywhores workpage when you don't list your own makes you look like a dick that lacks balls. Besides, I agree with him that the later work is fabu.

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Maybe you never had an orgasm. Could that be why you think the campaign is good? It's totally boring. OK concept. Really boring.

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No, psychedellic graphics are bad. Because that's the obvious place to take a campaign for a sex shop, isn't it? It would be much better to do a campaign involving bananas, cucumbers, and, say, cherry pie? No? Because that'd be much more understandable to imbeciles like you, Monkchild...

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No. Not good work. Psychedelic graphics, bad. Eww. Maybe your nickname has more to do with the topic of this post than writing skills - just a thought after visiting your website, sir.

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Yes, but Frank Budgen's/Saatchi London's version is infinitely better than both the Trojan campaign and the artistic blather that inspired it! Has anyone ssen the new Coco de Mer work? It's managed to capture what an orgasm "looks" like. And then asks, "What does yours look like?" Great work. Kudos to Tony Granger and the gang over there!

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adgrunt HahaSoup jogged my memory that the coco de mer ads were a rip-off itself, from an artist rather than an ad.

Remember Aura Rosenbergs photographs of men having orgasms?

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great headline as well!

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This is by far the best Badland find. 

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And now the same idea has been lifted for a Durex TV spot: