PETA woman beaten up for her wool sweater - (2016) :30 (USA)

PETA are at it again, and I don't mean they're stripping down and abusing women in the name of animal rights, but they're recycling their own ideas once again - just like they did when they caged nude pregnant women in public. PETA's standard poster solution is to create bizarrely sexual "shackled beaten & abused" images, & to cage hot celebs in animal outfits, so a little realistic looking footage of beating a random woman up on the street fits with their distasteful strategy. We know they're going for the shock, as riding the outrage wave has been their PR strategy from the start. At some point PETA need to realize that their old shock tactics are poison to the topic at hand, and elevate their tone. Having said all that (without using the term "misogynistic" even once, but I bet someone else will), PETA already did this "beat up a woman for her X" idea, in 2002 when they took a baseball bat to a woman clad in a fur coat. Meanwhile the Dutch organisation Wakker Dier went one step further when they took a fish hook to exotic dancer Ancilla Tilia to "strip her alive". In short the idea has been done, and it still sucks.

Client: PETA

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P.S. we wrote about the 2002 ad & its failed claimed super bowl trip in the top five most offensive PETA ads before, which promptly got us perma-banned from all Google ad networks (including Doubleclick) because of the imagery. Good times.

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Fuck PETA. This was really sick. On the plus side, TIL I'm still capable of feeling feelings.