HORNBACH builds the world’s first ‘Sneakerpool', which looks like adidas x 43einhalb ZX 10000 "Joint Path" sneakers.

HORNBACH DIY Store has created the world’s first ‘Sneakerpool'- an XXL pool shaped like a pair of HUGE cult status adidas x 43einhalb ZX 10000 &q

HORNBACH – Every project brings you closer. (2019) 1:15 (Germany)

An ode to the one true love in the life of real DIYers: Their most faithful tool.

Vans "This is DIY" (2019) 1:09 (USA)

Designed to be built, not bought: The HORNBACH WERKSTÜCK Edition 002. Designed by Yo Shimada. Crafted by you.

European DIY chain HORNBACH teams up with a second globally renowned designer – Yo Shimada from Japan - to continue to make exclusive design accessibl

Agency HEIMAT's 'Lounge Chair' - a uniquely crafted campaign for HORNBACH

Creative agency HEIMAT and HORNBACH partner with world-class designer and architect SIGURD LARSEN to create something new and rather wonderful: the WE

Hornbach - Your project only belongs to you (2016) :60 (Germany)

Aaaaah Hornbach.

HORNBACH - “Symphony”

Hornbach and Heimat put themselves in the shoes, and ears, of DIY’ers in “No one feels it like you do.”

HORNBACH - Festival (2012) :45 (Germany)

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