Blush - Is this the hottest poster ever? (2014) :60 (Germany)

Quite a different poster.

Fiat 500 Abarth - Beautiful woman / Seduction - (2012)

I'm not sure giving viewers erections actually sells cars, but I have to agree that the car looks awesome and sexy as hell.

Levis 501 - Midsummer Nights Dream (2006) :60 (UK)

Act 3 scene 1, as played out in a hot night in Los Angeles modern time.

Diet Shasta - I want a pop, I want a Diet Shasta (1984 ) :30 (USA)

If you too want the brawny men around the pool to ogle you and make all sorts of "oooh, aaah" and lipbiting faces, pour some diet Shasta int
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