Astellas - What's VMS - (2023) :30 (USA)

This ad will air pre-game and raises menopause awareness. "If you're heated about being overheated go to what's VMS dot com"

David Roth & Yuriy Mikhalevskiy are inclusively funny

“Woke" is one of those words so overused as a pejorative, it has become devoid of all meaning.

Tanishq Jewellery - ‘The Interview’ (2022) 1:55 (India)

Meet Radhika! She’s surely a promising candidate with charisma and a whole lot of rich experience.

Giggle app's billboard at University of Pennsylvania state "female spaces are necessary" for Women’s History Month.

Women's app "Giggle" has impeccable timing, as they booked a billboard at the University of Pennsylvania state for the entirety of Wome
Terry Eselun wave

Interview with Terry Eselun, the surfing star in the Super Bowl 1976 commercial for Schlitz

Schlitz sponsored surfing athlete Terry Eselun back in the 1976 Super Bowl

Nate Bullman on creating content for cannabis and battling social media bans

You might have already heard of Nate Bullman, he was the spokesperson for and appeared on the Cowboy Judge TV show in a panel discussi

The Adland Podcast ep 10: What will Will the agency do next?

Will the agency launched in Los Angeles recently vowing to fight cancel culture - and immediately got into trouble.

Adland's Podcast ep 7: "Social by Default" duo on the most recent events in social media

This week on Adland's podcast we discuss social media, and recent events with "Social By Default" duo, Sarah Larsson Bernhardt @sanasil
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Adland's Podcast ep 6: Cameron Day on the changing industry and what makes you stick

If you don't know who Cameron Day is, you haven't been paying attention.

Adland's podcast ep 5: Marc Lewis, SCA Dean on launching an online creative school

The Dean of the Scool of Communications Arts 2.0, Marc Lewis, is the guest on Adland's Podcast today.

Adland's Podcast ep 4: Ray Larabie - the prince of fonts

Everyone has seen something that Ray Larabie has done, even if they might not know his name.

Adland's Podcast ep 3: Ian David, founder of FEARLESS on the future

This time on Adland's podcast, in the episode I chat with Ian David, founder of Fearless, a creative network of mavericks.

Gerety Awards: deadline extension & update on coronavirus (Covid-19)

Interview with Lucia Ongay Co-Founder of the Gerety Awards as they announce a deadline extension and Coronavirus (COVID-19) reorganisation

Dabitch discusses Adland on Sweathead with Mark Pollard - A Strategy Podcast

How do you get good at strategy? With nearly 400,000 listens, Sweathead tries to answer this question.

Lust for fonts: introducing Brickton

Brickton might seem dominating with it’s bold characters and pointy serifs.

Bryan Howard is helping African Americans get a bigger voice in advertising and entertainment.

The voice over artist and musician has launched the African American Voice Actor Database.

Doing World-Changing Work With No Agency

After senior roles at Y&R and Scholz & Friends, Serbian creative Svetlana Ćopić is combining life at a smaller agency with her own project.

Adchat: John Ryland: Making Motorcycles Out Of Lemons

Ad Chat-- Simone Lagares


Dream Machine: The Backlash That Never Was

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Ad Chat: Meet Josh Hurley & Andy Kohman who sold fitness fans beer during the Super Bowl

Over at FCB Chicago there's a creative team who is working on stepping up the Michelob ULTRA brand, so they returned to the Super Bowl this year

BrandEquity: If she's crying, she's buying: Are brands manipulating female consumers?

Brand Equity did an excellent digging on the topic of Femvertising in: If she's crying, she's buying: Are brands manipulating female consume

Ad Chat - Sunset Sealy - a creative eye in the Islands

This week we get to meet Sunset Sealy, Art Director & Photographer at Strawberry Samurai in Barbados, you can also find her teaching at Barbados C

"Ad-tired ad-pros led to ad-site on the dark web" Medievärlden

The headline works far better in Swedish but it was amusing to translate it just to repeat "ad-" thrice in the title here.

Dan Shute on paying a Living Wage - The Adland Interview

Absentmindedly flicking through Twitter the other day, I came across a message from Dan Shute, the Managing Partner of agency Creature of London. P

Super Bowl Ad Chat: Vinny Warren, on Wassup humor & preachy advertising

Vinny Warren was part of the team at DDB/Chicago who created the original "Wassup" super bowl ad, an ad that had such an impact people were

Picpedant: battling copyright infringement, twitter spam and false info with snarky corrections

Picpedant is twitter's photo superhero, swooping down on the countless "Funnypix","Amazingpix","Historyinpix" and s

Designboom talks to Neville Brody


Ad Chat: Luke Sullivan on creative culture and not being an asshat

Luke Sullivan needs no introduction, really.

Criolo - Duas de Cinco Cóccix-ência - (2014)

Stun Creative, the Kings Of Comedy content


Creative Interviews: Åsk Dabitch

Oh, that's right, we forgot to add this interview to our press clippings.

Portland Press Herald: social media for everyone talks SM with Adland's Åsk 'Dabitch' Wäppling

We gab social media is Portland Press Herald, 'Social media for everyone, from the C-Suite to the street'.
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Standard Time Los Angeles, not your standard small agency.

Paragraph type: Text & HTML You might not have heard of Standard Time, the L.A.
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A Mistress worth sharing - the nimble passionate creative shop in Venice beach will show you a good time

Meeting with Mistress in their space, at the very epicenter of Venice beach from where they can see surfers, skaters and even bank robberies, I am tre

Ad Chat-- Kim Rushton

She's been mentioned by name in another Ad Chat but this time we go in-depth with the talented Kim Rushton, a SVP Group Planning Director at BBDO

Ad Chat: Åsk "Dabitch" Wäppling

As we get close to another year’s end, today I’m turning the tables on the CEO of Adland to get her perspective on the current state of advertising vs

Collateral Damage: How Free Culture destroys advertising.

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The making of "the meaning of mate"

There is no word quite as versatile as the Australian "mate".

Ad Chat - Arnie DiGeorge

In this weeks ad chat we catch up with Vegas-tripping Executive Creative Director of RR Partners, Arnie DiGeorge - who fesses up to leaving the iron o
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Ad Chat - Ron Smrczek


Studio Total, the unconventional agency that does unconventional ads

I've made a date to meet Per Eriksson, Creative Director at Studio Total over a coffee.

Dabitch interviewed in Design Weak

Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” has been nominated for four MTV Music Video Awards

Great news! Ever believe that a video can sell a song?

Richard Gorodecky, Amsterdam Worldwide

We had a chat with Richard Gorodecky, the Executive Art Director of Amsterdam Worldwide at the terrace of the Majestic Hotel in Cannes on the very las

Anders Dalenius from Draftfcb Stockholm on breaking the rules to create something new.

Draftfcb are all over the Cannes Lions like gum.
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Mark Bernath talks about the “Write the Future” ad from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

When I first laid eyes on that epic "Write the future" Nike ad, my brain bubbled up with questions before the ad finished playing, The usual

Mini - Man Boobs - (2010) :30

Q&A with OPC’s Woods + Low:

Adland in Amsterdam Eurobest 2009: Gustav Martner and Gustav von Sydow 7:23

Gustav von Sydow is Founder and CEO of Burt, a company that creates software for creative agencies.

Adland in Amsterdam Eurobest 2009 - Paul Lavoie Interview

Paul's lecture at the Eurobest 2009 was called : Creative Problem Solving an was aired lived here In 1992, Paul Lavoie co-founded TAXI with pa

Nouveau? Or not. The book from french Badland-King Joe la pompe

Joe La Pompe, the anonymous French guy who has been publishing twin ads on the web for almost as long as I have been Badlanding ads, has published a b
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Exclusive interview with Nose Janitor's agent.


Reset on La Croisette - Canneslions 2009


Fred: "We're lucky, the crisis probably helped us win" - Cannes 2009.

Fred from the fabled Fred & Farid, Paris, has just flown in, to accept the award"I was on vacation, I didn't even have long pants packed

Mark Wnek - On twitter background - Cannes Lions 2009


Freddie Laker - Sapient - About Sapient

This belongs to the interview with Freddie Laker at the Cannes Lions 2009 Freddie Laker - Sapient - Spontanious combustion & Coke Vending machines
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Grey Amsterdam reorganises - creatives now on top.

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McKenzie Schwefel, girl in's "When I Grow Up" 1999 ad.

McKenzie Schwefel told viewers that when she grew up she wanted to have a "brown nose." But at age 7, she didn't know what she was sayi

Eran Creevy and Sonny J make zombie line dancing B-movie rock

So, if you were Eran Creevy, that made the "running man" move ultra-cool despite it's inherent naffness, what would be your next move?

D&AD Awards: Interview with Dave Droga

David Droga is an animated dog in this little clip for the 2008 D&AD awards call for entries.

John Hegarty: Why risk is bad and excitement good


Shanghai Advertising - the rise of consumer culture in a communist country.

I've chatted a bit with Fredrik Olsson from Miami ad agency in Gothenburg about his recent trip to Shanghai.

23 pieces of advice on your job hunt

1. Be wary of agencies owned by a Holding Co.
ubåt malmö

Guerrilla advertising past and present: Talking with Miami

Despite having been around as long as advertising itself, guerrilla advertising and ambient ads seem to be a little like cinderella, the step child wh


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