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Land O’Lakes - ‘Not a Big Ad’ (2023) :60 (USA)

The 60-second spot is rooted in the message that America’s favorite dairy brand is a major part of the big day: it’s cooked up in home kitchens across

AT&T - Morning Pack (2008) :30 (USA)

Mom packs lunch for everyone and phones!

V8 - "Salad bar" - (2008) :15 (USA)

"could’ve had a V-8" is still as relevant as ever.

Lincoln Mercury - Breaking Up (1990) :60 (USA)

They break up and yet she's laughing.

Northwestern Mutual - Client Lunch (1984) - 0:30 (USA)

Businessmen at lunch

Fritos - "Muncha a buncha, Muncha a bunch Fritos go with lunch" (1980) :30 )USA)

The little boy seems terribly bored with his lunch offering until mom pops some Fritos corn chips on his plate. Sing alone!
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