Idles - "Mercedes Marxist" - headbanging office worker video directed by Will & Dylan of Directors 32

Will & Dylan team up with much buzzed about band Idles for a head-banging new music video for their single 'Mercedes Marxist'.

K's JAPAN- SMASH Manual- (2010): June 2nd (JAPAN)

SMASH is a promotional tool developed for K's JAPAN, a guitar designed to be destroyed. It is an extraction of K's JAPAN's rock spirit

Eastpak - Built to Resist / Skaterstreaker - (2010) :55

So, they got a brief and decided to add ye old "hey, lets put a little person in this ad" - but no, it's not at all what you'd thi
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Can your mohawk do this? - 2010 :30 (Japan)

Even if you don't speak the language, this spot will make you want to run out and buy whatever this product is. Mohawks rock.

Country Life - John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten "Do I buy it because..." (2009)

John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, pitches British butter to us and laughs all the way to the bank after the check clears.

Country Life - John Lydon "Anchor is from New Zealand!"

Former Sex Pistol John Lydon in Country Life attacks rival butter brand Anchor's New Zealand origins

KPA Slutasnacka.se - Sluta Snacka / Do something - (2007) :30 (Sweden)

Stop talking!

Nike is paying homage to... Or plagiarising?

Minor Theft - over at Pitchforkmedia one can see comparisons between Minor Threats cover art and a current Nike poster.

Mer - Punkare / Nu grönskar det / Punk girls (1988) :30 (Sweden)

Three punk girls ride up an escalator staring at us.

SAS - Di Leva / I flygande Fläng - Youth travel prices (1988)

”I flygande fläng fast jag sitter still”
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Trygg-Hansa - Museum / No Photo Senor (1985) :50 (Sweden)

A Swedish man films in a museum when a museum worker tells him this is not allowed.

Dairy Box - Old Fashioned Girl - (1983) :30 (UK)

Barclays - Barclaycard - / Punk record shop (1980) :30 (UK)

So a punk goes to a record store and finds he can't afford anything because he's out of money, something a Barclaycard can fix right up.
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