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Sabra - How do you 'mus? #HowImmus (2020) :30 (USA)

Celebrities and drag queens eat hummous.

Philips Nigel & Victoria - Apartment - part 1

Today, Philips launches ‘Nigel and Victoria’ a new online-only comedy show, or a non-romantic comedy because Nigel is failing miserably to score, and

Philips Nigel & Victoria - "It's my film" - part 2

Nigel and Victoria have their first very frank encounter about what sort of films they're trying to make here.

Philips Nigel & Victoria - Subdued - part 3

Nigel keeps making a fool out of himself, and angers Victoria to the point of violence.

Radiotjänst - Mataffaffären / Supermarket - (2009) :55 (Sweden)

He's minding his own business at work when suddenly a song breaks out thanking him for paying his TV license.
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