Liseberg - LUNA new rollercoaster (2023) :20 (Sweden)

Liseberg teases their new "Luna" rollercoaster with this trailer.

Gröna Lund - Alien on the rollercoaster (2022) :30 (Sweden)

The alien, who has come to Gröna Lund because it's the funnest place in the galaxy, tries to enter a ride but is informed that he's too shor

State Farm - State of Hope - Rollercoaster - (2012)

Joe Pytka has left the bizarre ice-bears behind him and returned to making kids say seemingly heavy stuff, when they're just talking about a roll

Apoteket - Hjärta (Heart) - (2010) :45

The roller coaster ride begins when the little boy shows his affection by yanking the little girls curly brown hair, and follows them through their th

Aflac - Duck - Roller Coaster (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

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