Director Johan Stahl Helms Heartwarming Spot for Cadbury Asia

Johan Ståhl recently directed “Bus Ride,” a heartwarming spot for Cadbury Chocolate.
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Take This Lollipop Sequel

Remember "take this Lollipop" that we reported on in 2011? The one where the sequel was kickstarted?

Heinz - Find The Goodness - Four ads at once (2020) :30 (USA)

Heinz decided to air four ads at once.
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Fragile Childhood - Monsters - (2012) :30 (Finland)

Monsters. This creepy PSA shows what children may see when their parents are drunks. Makes you shudder.
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LionsGate - The Last Exorcism on Chatroulette

LionsGate know exactly who might enjoy watching a freaky movie about exorcisms, teenage guys between 15 and 19. Where are all these dudes?

Verum - Kickboxing - (2007) :10 (Sweden)

Tag: 100 billion good bacteria for your stomach's defense.
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