Trivia Chain part three winner.

Arite, first up I'd like to say that this was really really hard to judge who should win the Jewelboxings. So many jingle-rhymes were rather funny - gems like Hinchcliffes new coke-song:

I'd like to teach the word to quiz
in perfect harmony

I'd like to say, the answer is
Fay Weldon and Salman Rushdie.

I'd like to pose another link
In this crafty chain

So tell me who spilled Cinzano on
Joan Collins on a plane.

So after much ene-meene-miny-moe and cointossing, prayers to the adsaints and all sorts of things I still couldn't pick a winner. The trivia quiz called for an answer to a question, in form of a question.... The more trivia, the better. In second place, for being so clever he rhymed a clue, is Alex with:
Leonard Rossiter was the chap
who spilled the drink on Joanie's lap.

But which drink's classy name
was almost killed by our Lorraine?
It's cheating really but I'll tell you for now
you're chasing an ad by Vernon Howe.

.. and the winner for great trivia-stamina and all around jingle-rhyming skills is Hinchcliffe! Congrats.

Y'all check the threads - they're great! Trivia one winner was Shoepal, Trivia two where Claymore won, and here are the jingles of Trivia three.

Thanks to everyone for playing - I know I had a blast! And many many thanks to Jim at for their superb Jewelboxings prizes.

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Dangit! I lost again! *cries*

That coke-jingle was really funny though. Oh well, I'l just but some on my expense account when nobodys looking.... ;)

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I just got mine - that was really quick considering I just ordered them the other day and they had to go way over here to Denmark from the windy city Chicago, Il.

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hee, I knew I should have come up with a better rhyme for Maissoneuve.

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hahaha! :) Half of the fun is playing the game. Want a rematch someday soon? Could be arranged.....