WeatherTech - Natural Resource - (2016) :30 (USA)

WeatherTech continues their "rah rah Murica!" strategy - which we agree is a wise strategy in the current climate. But instead of following the quirky cute & funny execution they entered the Super Bowl with in 2014, they went with another variant of their 2015 effort which stinks of creative by committee. It must have tested well among bored people focus-grouping for a pay of a sandwich in Blandistan, Nowhereville - perhaps someone with a bad perm explained that the 2014 effort left them "confused" and everyone agreed while grabbing more free cookies. Being noticed on the bowl will increase sales, and WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil says their numbers keep going up proving the super bowl is a worthy investment, "(the numbers) showed us that we're reaching a broad spectrum of consumers and educating them on a better way to care for their vehicles. We're not just advertising to an auto enthusiast audience."
No, you're not, and adding the kid at the end will tug at the heartstrings of the viewers who are already proud to be the "natural resource" of "made in America".

ad agency: Pinnacle Advertising

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It's a safe idea, but it works since it's aimed mostly at the same kind of audience that we see working in their factories. Proud blue collar workers with pickup trucks and family SUVs. Made by the people for the people never had so much meaning before. And I agree, the kid at the end just nails it.

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Didn't Chevy already do this? This year WeatherTech is the signature sponsor of IMSA sports car championship -

Busy company.