"You know you're not the first" how ironic, neither is your use of that line.

@CreativeTweets has spotted a neat badlander, and explains "My fellow admen, this is why they hate us". No, not just because the ad itself, line at least, is a dupliclaim or rather a homage of sorts, but also because that sexist rhetoric is getting real tired now. Sociological Images who found the ad do not like the idea that "non-virgin women are just like used cars".

As Lauren points out, it’s blatant objectification of women, but “in addition to objectifying women to sell vehicles, this campaign suggests that a woman’s sexual past is equivalent to depreciation.”

The Dalewurfel.com ad is meant to be a self-referential ad, adding "....but do you really care?" to the headline. This doesn't make it any less tasteless though. I've shown the BMW ad here before in the post: Boys, Girls - this is not a competition. Sexist ads are bad for everyone.

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I agree- totally.
Let me add ( sry, english isn´t my mother tongue):
The "woman" on this picture seems to me like a girl of approx. 12 years old.
The make-up makes her look about 5-6 years older- not more.
So is the add not only selling a car, not only totally sexistic, but supporting pedophilia?????????????
I am german, and I am ASHAMED about BMW!!
Let me remind you as well of their history during the the 3rd Reich.....
>>>>BMW was created out of an industry ( batteries) called VARTA AND they smartly took over a jewish one ( see below)
was deeply inovlved during the 2nd world war using - dont know how it is called- ZWANGSARBEITER -)- 17.000 people from the concentration camps (KZ)we forced to work for them:
BMW never dared to excuse to the abused people!!!!

On the german webpage of wikipedia you can read the following article:

go to this part: ( it is missing in the english version!!!!)

"""Bis zum Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs
...Nach der Machtübernahme durch die Nationalsozialisten erfuhr BMW einen kräftigen Aufschwung durch die Kriegspläne Adolf Hitlers......Im Jahr 1938 wurde die Argus Motoren Gesellschaft des jüdischen Fabrikanten Moritz Straus „arisiert", was zur Entstehung des BMW-Werkes II in München-Allach führte. BMW setzte dort zum Ausbau des Werkes und zur Fertigung von Flugzeugmotoren über 17.000[3] Zwangsarbeiter und KZ-Häftlinge ein. Untergebracht waren diese in Zwangsarbeitslagern und im Außenlager Allach des KZ Dachau.

So, my decision:
I will never ever buy a BMW!

Cheers from Germany