PETA reaches now lows of tacky, tasteless and just plain mean.

In their most tasteless effort yet to squeeze themselves the news on the tails of real tragedy PETA compares bus decapitation to animal slaughters. "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals submitted an ad for publication in the Portage Daily Graphic this week that compared the murder of Tim McLean, 22, to the "needless killing" of chickens, cows and pigs in "factory farms."" Yeah, because when a dude on a greyhound bus decapitates and cannibalizes another rider, I think of chickens.

The copy of the ad reads:

Manitoba . . . an innocent young victim's throat is cut . . . His struggles and cries are ignored . . . The man with the knife shows no emotion . . . The victim is slaughtered and his head is cut off . . . His flesh is eaten . . . It's still going on!

And even though the ad hasn't run as the Portage Daily Graphic refused it, PETA admits they got quite a lot of hate mail for it.

Other ad stories related to the horrific murder on the greyhound bus: When a simple line goes horribly wrong adfreak tells the story that Greyhound pulled their "nobody has ever heard of Bus Rage" campaign, now that everyone has heard of bus decapitation.

Another fine example of human vultures who like to ride on news for their cause - the Westboro Baptist Church were stopped at border of Canada, after announcing that they picket Mr. McLean's funeral to let Canadians know that his decapitation was God's response to Canadian policies enabling abortion, homosexuality and adultery.

People are really messed up.