Kia Soul - Hamsters - (2009) :60 (USA)


Kia Soul - Hamsters - (2009) :60 (USA)

LA-based independent creative agency David&Goliath created this spot, directed by Tarsem, edited by Whitehouse editor Ben Stephens, and the vfx done by - who else - Framestore London.

A really simple, but also slightly absurd visual brings home the point - the KIA is not your usual drudgery in the hamsterwheel of commuting. You might still be a hamster, but now you drive a cool car and listen to hip-hop.

“This campaign isn’t about counter-culture or opting to go in a completely different direction. We’re merely suggesting there’s an alternative to the ordinary,” said Colin Jeffery, executive creative director at David&Goliath. “We all have to get from point A to point B – The Soul is just a cooler way to get there.”

David&Goliath used this opportunity to promote various musicians. There’s a key moment in the spot when the Soul’s window goes down to reveal the cool hamsters and the equally cool music track they’re listening to. There will be about five variations of the same spot in rotation, each with a different piece of music. The cinema cuts feature “Bounce” by MSTRKRFT and “Fort Knox” by GoldFish.

Jeffery added, “This car is all about being fresh and different. So we took the opportunity to try something equally innovative with the music. Finishing the commercial with a bunch of different tracks reinforces the idea and importance of being unique.”

Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Art Directors: Laurenne Sala, Colin Jeffery, David Cuccinello, Todd Rone Parker Copywriters: Mike Van Linda, Sean Vij, Tim White
Producer: Carol Lombard
Account Executives: Russell Wager, Brook Dore, Jill Jagger

Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Tarsem
Director of Photography: Brendon Galvin
Executive Producers: Frank Scherma, Tommy Turtle

Editing House: The Whitehouse
Editors: Ben Stephens, Justin Beere

Producer: Justin Kumata
EFX House: Framestore , U.K.
Artists: Tim Osborne, Dan Seddon, Paul Jones, Michele Fabbro, Jabed Kahn, Nicklas Andersson, Santi Colomo
Producer: Michael Stanish
Sound Design: The Lodge
Audio Mix: Wave, U.K.
Mixer: Tony Rapaccioli

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Anyone know the other songs on Kia Soul Hamster adds other than “Bounce” by MSTRKRFT and “Fort Knox” by GoldFish?
Bounce & Fort Knox are in the minute-long commercial. The one I REALLY want is in a shorter add (without the "deals on wheels" clip). Think the words were; "dos-e-do" or "I can" repeated 4 times. Sounded a little like the "buttermilk biscuit" guy of Sir Mix-a-lot or Rednex Cotton-Eye Joe type. ?? Or can you tell me where I might track it down? Already spent 2 hrs on Google & YouTube.

Ooh! Found it! (#4)
Found 5 songs used in Kia Soul Hamster commercials:
1- Bounce by MSTRKRFT
("All I do is party ha ha ha ha")
2- Fort Knox by Goldfish
("Hold on to the moment")
3- Do What You Do by Marz
("Front back side side")
4-Junkyard by The Potbelleez
("hey diddle diddle")
5- Shock by Jay Anthony
("just got that appeal cause I stay so real...")

You rawk. Must invent little gold stars I can give people who share their trivia like you just did here. :)

Hey! Maybe I could collect enough of those stars to actually cash the gold in for money!


Actually, there is one other version of this commercial, it features the song "Colours" by Calvin Harris...

The lyrics featured in the ad go:

Now I don't care what you dress like
Or what you wear
But please make sure baby
You've got some colours in there

Hope this helps everyone searching... :D

What about the one that goes, "...And I feel so good..."???

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