Louis Vitton sued Nadia Plesner again over Darfur-child with purse - 190.000 euros & counting

Welcome back to 2008 - that's when Louis Vuitton sued Nadia Plesner over the Darfur T-shirt. Now they're suing her over a painting called Darfurnica. See Darfurnica on Nadia PLesner's website.

As I returned to Holland in the beginning of February, I had received a verdict in a new court case started by Louis Vuitton. They are very angry about the bag that the boy in the middle is carrying. They claim again that I infringe their design rights on the pattern used in their "audra" bag and they had the court in Hague put 5000 euro penalties for each day I continue to show this painting on my website or in galleries or anywhere else. They have been counting since January 28, so at the moment the amount is higher than 190.000 euros (!)

Oh dear!
Victoria Beckham is also depicted in Darfurnica. She holds her Hermes Birkin handbag, so might Hermes join in here?

Nadia Pleisner doesn't just paint sly comments on the modern world by juxtaposing celebrities with starving children and horseback soldiers, she has the .nadiaplesnerfoundation.org which collects monetary donations and sends medical shipments to Darfur. It must have been the "Darfuitton" giant handbag piece that really ticked Louis Vuitton off.

Update with thanks to Michelle Mosterd "Less then an hour ago the appealcourt in The Hague decided against Louis Vuitton. According to the court, freedom of speech is more important then brand protection." see comment