GoDaddy are at it again, using their patented formula of super bowl ad hype, as usual. Jillian Michaels and Danica Patrick are in their dressing rooms reading the script for this ad complaining that they "won't do it", whatever it is, Danica refers to it as "over the top" and Jillian dubs it a "crazy stunt."

A-ha, but you gals are contractually obligated, says some dweeb, so pucker up ladies, Godaddy can make you kneel and lick Bob Parsons boots if Godaddy wants to, so reluctantly the ladies do it, whatever it is. We then cut to them entering the set, presumably naked, or wearing sparkling Godaddy nipple-covers, we don't know cause all we see is legs and shoulders and boys falling over at the sight of them. To actually see what it is, you'll have to log on to Godaddys site during the bowl, and my god, are you still falling for this crap America? Please say it ain't so.

Godaddy inhouse agency

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    does godaddy want us to buy a domain or become an escort? i honestly can't tell...

    Aug 13, 2012