Is this the first analogue facebook wall?

Fitzroy Amsterdam thanked a cherished client for great partnership by creating the 'first' "Analogue Facebook Wall". What is that you say? Glad you asked, it's a timeline of personal posts, clever, witty comments, and naturally, a heap of "Likes". On paper. That rolls. I'm putting "first" in quotation marks as I have attended a few parties where one was meant to write posts and draw funny toons on the wall, making the walls quite messy and pretend-Analogue-Facebook walls. Back in my day we used to just call that graffiti walls.

"This Analogue Facebook Wall is the perfect gift for a dear friend or appreciated colleague." says Fitzroy Amsterdam while I giggle at the useless. It's pretty funny. I'm sure Jort Possel appreciated it.

When they're not doing that they shoot upskirt nipple-loving ads for Hyundai.

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  • Jort Possel's picture
    Jort Possel (not verified)

    Very VERY much appreciated!

    Oct 16, 2012

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