"With 24 different burgers, Red Robin caters to a lot of different tastes. We even have a garden burger just in case your teenage daughter is going through a phase."

With a thumb hiding behind her open hand, but pointing to said teenager, and the actress herself whispering the delivery out of the side of her mouth the ancient joke that teenagers are temporarily vegetarian is shared with the hamburger-wanting target market.

And suddenly all the adult & non-temporary vegetarians found a #millionreasons to hate Red Robin. It is, to quote one vegetarian "highly disrespectful to those who want to save animal lives". These people do not patron fast food joints, where dead animals are the main product. It's "horribly offensive to vegetarians" say many, and twitter is boiling over with angry cabbage eaters, all of whom promise to never set foot in Red Robin again, as if they ever did.

Meanwhile, at Red Robin HQ they're high-fiving each other because of the 'earned media' this is getting them. Soon everyone will know they offer a garden burger, along with 23 different meaty burger variants too. Thank you, angry vegetarians, for the #milliontweets! This tame campaign had no shot in hell of trending before you guys came along.

Note: On Red Robins facebook (I almost said phasebook!) people are saying their patronage at Red Robin was just a phase. Zing!

Client: Red Robin Principal talent: Melanie Paxson