A young gay couple watch their baby lovingly. An inked rocker drums away in the living room as mom and daughter dance to the beat. An interracial family hold hands as they walk. Wee!
People are slapping this up on facebook pondering "where mom is", cheering the gay family, hip hip hooraying for the many mixed raced children in the ad, or simply objecting to it all. Either way, our moral soap boxing and social media posturing is driving views, suckers!

Here's the worst part though. It's a pun. A cynical pun.

Ad agency: Droga5 New York

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    Well, one of the comments on another website read like this - proving that you simple CAN NOT please everyone all of the time...

    "Really Honey Maid, using the WHITE Point of View (POV) that every one thinks is the right way to go about LGBT representation its not and I am sick and tired that the White Gays get to be represented first while the Queer People of Color(QPOC) are pushed to the side like we don't matter. Google "Gay Family" chances are you'll see how diverse the color of a gay family is, I find this commercial completely disrespectful to the rest of the QPOC community."

    Mar 11, 2014

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