KIK messenger app now overrun by porn spammers

If you grab every new app out there that you hear the kids& teenagers like, then you probably have KIK, an app extremely popular among the young crowd. While the messenger app is simple and often fun to use, with meme-making features and the ability to add videos and images to chats, it's also full of random sex-spammers.

The first few images sent to me by a supposed horny german girl with a clothing deficiency, I dealt with by reporting said user to KIK. I found it very disconcerting that I could get random sex images sent to my KIK, and expressed this to KIK support. Their advice was the usual, how to block people, which I had already done, and that I should have my settings set to ignore new people which I do. It was clear to me that KIK was not going to do anything about the account with the pornographic images. I realize KIK can't police every user, but the response struck me as toothless to the point of making the network vulnerable to sex-spam.

And right I was. I just received this message. It looks like it's an official KIK message, but it's not. It advertises a website with KIK in the domain name, and I won't link it because there's only pornography on it. KIK's timid response to the early sex-chatters has made the entire brand of KIK vulnerable to hijack by kik-sexters, and it's very likely that your teenagers or young children are receiving such messages right now. The Spam chat porn bots are now all over KIK, and andrealessi shares a particularly funny example on tumblr.

KIK made their choice when they decided to be lenient, and I predict they'll now be known more for the sexbots than the being the popular teenage messaging app.