Orgasms affect short-term ad-memory?

Or perhaps they've been playing with themselves so much they have gone blind on used adconcepts - Trojan condoms versus the sexy and controversial Coco De Mer campaign.
In late November of 2001 these ads appeared over the United Kingdom. Adam Scholes, art director of the series said: "These are war faces. The photographer was shaking and sweating after he took these." , I bet he was.... Already on the first day of the campaign the ASA was alerted and stated: "The British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion are quite clear: no ad should cause serious or widespread offence. The ASA will investigate any complaints it may receive about these posters." The campaign went on to rake in ad awards and photography awards.

The Coco de Mer campaign was created at Saatchi & Saatchi in London, Art Director Adam Scholes, CW was Hugh Todd and the photography was done by Frank Budgen. All the models are at the moment of an actual real orgasm when the photograph was taken.

Bonus trivia, Coco De Mer was founded by Sam Roddick, that's Anitas daughter folks!

Now on to the Trojan campaign:

The trojan print campaign launched today, you can see films as well on the Trojan website. This poster campaign is called "faces" and will appear on 3,600 poster sites around the UK according to Revolution bulletin today. The creative work, website and posters was created by Media Therapy. Whether the models are actually having real orgasms like in the Coco De Mer campaign isn't revealed in the bulletin.

Hat tips to adgrunt Alex and queen ad-bee Caffeinegoddess.