DirecTV - I am Epic Win - (2011)

"Opulence, I has it" is back, with his little giraffe friend and models, just lifting some weights at the gym. Or you know, having someone else do it for you. No pain. No pain.

Agency: Grey New York CCO: Tor Myhren Client: DirecTV Executive Creative Director: Todd Tilford Art Director/SVP CD: Lu Romero ACD/Copywriter: Jon Kallus Broadcast Director: Bennett McCarroll Executive Producer: Andrew Chinich Producer: David Cardinali Music Director: Josh Rabinowitz VFX: The Mill Director: Chris Hooper SFX: Henry Boy Audio Master: Sound Lounge Editor: Paul Martinez, Arcade Edit
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psst - any chance we can add the editor?

Paul Martinez, Arcade Edit?

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Of course we can, done, thanks. Credit where it's due.

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The little giraffe is all like "later, boss".