The McFirst menu comes at the affordable price of €4.95. Buy purchasing one, you must be really smart. Maybe even smart enough to stop a crisis like the Hoover dam breaking. The direction kind of reminds me of the old Holiday Inn Express campaign from a while back.

CLIENT: McDonald’s CLIENT MANAGEMENT: XavierRoyaux, Camille Lopeo, Sarra Fetni AGENCY: BETC Paris AGENCY MANAGEMENT : Henri Tripard,Julien Grimaldi, Juliette Aguglion CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Olivier Apers ART DIRECTOR: Sophian Bouadjera ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR: Romain Ducos COPYWRITER: Lucas Bouneou TRAFFIC: Stéphanie Renoir-Mousli TV PRODUCERS: David Green, Caroline Bouillet PRODUCTION HOUSE: Insurrection SOUND PRODUCTION: LGM DIRECTOR: Helmi

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  • David Felton's picture
    David Felton

    French girls are adorable; once again I'm reminded to keep up with my Duolingo lessons and emigrate to a land where the language is sexy, the girls are enigmas, and the steak frites is ready and succulent.

    Mar 24, 2016

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