Pizza Hut - Crunchy Cheesy crust - (2008) :30 (USA)


Pizza Hut - Crunchy Cheesy crust - (2008) :30 (USA)

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Pizza Hut



Holy heart attack batman. They'll never stop inventing more ways to add cheese to pizza are they? Pretty soon they'll just served baked cheese. Get it over with by going straight to fondue. Fondue hut!

Yeah, it's like those white pizzas you find at pizzerias all over NYC. I just don't undertand it. It's not pizza to me, but c'est la vie. To each their own.

White pizza? I've had a pesto Pizza, but never a white one. Mmmmmmm..... Pizza. I'm making pizza tonight!

That's funny. I'm making Pesto tonight.

Yes, white pizza. Just pizza dough and cheese. But it's New York pizza dough, so that's a plus. My younger son, Felix, likes the opposite. Red pizza. Sauce only, no cheese. There's nothing like watching him scrape the cheese off his slice. He then offers the big glob of mozzarella to me or his older brother. Yuck!

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