Alibi Jeans Billboard Banned in NZ

A whopping six people complained about a billboard campaign in New Zealand for Alibi Jeans by King Street Advertising. The Advertising Standards Complaints Board has now labelled the ads offensive.

One of the complainees was concerned about school children and the general public being exposed to "this level of gratuitous sexual intent".

"The lump under the sheet where his genitals would be leaves no doubt as to her intention," the complainant said.

However, Alibi Jeans said the concept showed "the empowerment of women using a typically male scenario".

Read on to see the "offensive ad".

Women surveyed had reacted positively, and "had not drawn the sexual connotations", the company said.

The agency, King Street Advertising, said in terms of sexual connotation, the ad was considered by focus groups to be at the "milder end of the scale".

"While we have shown a scene which shows an older woman having control over a younger man, we consider it in good taste and well within the boundaries of social responsibility."