Fuse is fuel for fury. MTV doesn't like their tone.

Fuse adcampaign struts out Sally Struthers, this time she's pleading with us to "save the music video".

Today when Mel Karmazin, head of Viacom, arrives at the MTV office in New York city, a giant Times Square billboard outside his office featuring Sally will be his view. A rival music channel ordered the poster installed overnight to 'tweak' what it called MTV's "lack of music" in it's programming.

Telephone kiosks just outside the MTV offices will carry the anti-MTV slogans as well.

Fuse yesterday distributed about 2 million free cups bearing another punning anti-MTV slogan: "Where's the M in emptee-vee?"

Sources at Fuse said MTV COO Mark Rosenthal had called CEO Josh Sapan, Rainbow Media Holdings which own Fuse to complain that the cups were " a personal affront"

Josh Sapan invited Rosenthal for coffee but he declined.

Ironically, Viacom owns both the billboard, and the telephone Kiosks outside the MTV offices.

spotted by : Clayton/adlist at teenmusic