Agency 358 wants you to burn calories, not ciggies!

In 2008, Helsinki based Agency 358 launched Burn! A youth-oritented magazine anti-smoking campaign for the Cancer Society of Finland. Since then, 750 000 copies have been printed and handed out in schools, shopping centers and events.
Their latest sport-oriented issue decided to try a different take from the usual morbid "you'll get cancer and a host of other problems" tactic, choosing instead to focus on the positive attributes of not smoking. Because let's face it. You're not going to be an athlete or even stay active with those ciggies burning between your fingers.


Norwegian "common sense: Bus stop" (2013) :30 (Finland)

Norwegian "common sense: Bus stop" (2013) :30 (Finland)

Norwegian airlines isn't a budget airline. It's a common sense airline. In addition to saving on prices and fuel (which is common sense) Norwegian also flies to direct airports, and not regional ones. Smart branding idea.


Welcome to Hel. Helsinki, that is.

I tell you, for a transportation client, Helsinki Regional Transport have a nice sense of humor.


Fosters Radler

Beer + Beverage = Radler. Which if my sources are correct, is Beer and soda. Or beer and lemonade, judging by the photo.


Helsinki Region Transport Fact Campaign

More from the Helsinki Region Transport, urging you to take public transportation rather than drive.

OKay I'm down with public transportation. But only if it's in a lovely tilt-shift art direction world.


HSL: Take a Spring Break From Driving

Helsinki is growing. And that's both a good and bad thing. Good for the economy. Bad for the car commute. Helsinki Region Transport wanted to target drivers for the first time and encourage them to start taking public transportation.

Drivers, who when polled, said they were too lazy to find where to get a transportation cards.

Instead of showing the benefit to public transportation, Helsinki Agency 358 chose to highlight the problems of driving instead. And then offer a bigger incentive.

For the duration of the "Take a Spring Break from Driving" campaign (which breaks today) everyone who signs up for the first time will get the HSL travel card delivered to their homes and two weeks travel-time for free.

Wow. Can we say "hand holding?"


Cursing Slaughterhouse: #★ϟ*! Posters for Kellohalli

Lets have the Finnish gais explain:

In the "meat-packing district" area of Helsinki, in an old slaughterhouse renamed Kellohalli opened as a restaurant. Kellohalli has a different approach to food. Food is seen as fuel, a stimulant, a topic. Food can be anything, even a way to express feelings.
The Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 wanted to highlight Kellohalli as one of its main events. We did four posters to communicate the essence of Kellohalli.

In other words, food is sex. Dirty. Messy. A mashup. Gross. And oh so yum. Yikes. Pork Chops. Chicken legs. Cucumbers. If your mind went dirty places at those words, you need to visit Kellohalli. Also: OMG YOU PERV. Call me.


Bloody Hammer. (Agency 358, Helsinki)

File under delightfully macabre. Finnish Agency 358 Helsinki created this poster for "Hush," along with a teaser: bloody hammers placed around Helsinki movie theaters.

My question is, why bother with the poster? You had me at bloody hammers.

Update: Agency 358 wasn't behind the poster, only the activation elements. It was in fact Scanbox Entertainment who did the poster.


Mugshot yourself: Police Reality TV App

Finnish agency 358 was tasked to promote the new season of Finland's version of Cops, called Poliisit.

They created a sort of Mugshot Yourself app on Facebook to make use of the show's fans. Thousands more flocked to become a "Usual Suspect," by downloading the app, and putting their face in a mugshot.

From January to February, the number of Facebook fans grew from 10,000 to 30,000.


Sibelius Academy: Visual Identity.

So check this out. Some people don't just hear music, but they see colors and geometric shapes as a visual aid. They call this neurological condition Synesthesia.

Two well known artists who suffered from it were Wassily Kandisnky and a Finnish composer named Jean Sibelius.

Agency 358 Helsinki was tasked with coming up with a visual identity for the Sibelius Academy. Since no one round the office had this condition (or LSD) they went with the next best option: Creating software that analyzed music according to pitch, timber, tempo etc, and transformed it into colors. It's kinda like they asked Sibelius himself to design the identity.