BBDO Duesseldorf gets flirty for Braun


BBDO Duesseldorf gets flirty for Braun

BBDO Duesseldorf were presented with the challenge to create awareness for Silk-epil epilators from Braun. Their solution was the tie helium filled balloons to a model's skirt so there would be nothing to look at but her legs (and knickers). Of course, the model drew attention wherever she went and generated an in-store traffic increase around 25%. (video inside).

AD: Joni Caparas, Patrick Hahne
CW: Elias Kouloures
Agency: BBDO Duesseldorf

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That was so the wrong song to choose for the video presentation. Off by a million miles.

Cute stunt though, I was expecting the poor model to stumble at the end of the escalators. She probably did.

And now they've pulled the video. Were they perhaps embarrassed?

No, we had to, due to reasons and stuff. But you can find it on:


eliaen, please give the commercial-archive a copy of the film, there are plenty of adgrunts here who prefer Quicktime and come here specifically for it, and a dead youtube link spoils the site.

Dear readers and adgremlins,

sorry, no can do. The legal department slapped my fingers, because we didn't have the rights for the music. That's why I had to remove it from YouTube and every other blog. We're just allowed to show it on:

If we spread it, it will cost us gazillions of dollars, because we need to buy the international rights. I know it sounds strange, because the link I gave you is also "international". But that's what the suitmen and film department have told me. And I sure as hell won't fuck with them...


What on earth were you thinking editing together a video without securing the music rights?

Oh, international rights. Yes, then your posting it to the BBDO website is violating the music rights one must assume.

Ever heard of the word "missunderstanding"?

I asked before and got a "It's ok.". Later I was told "It's ok, but only on our website.". So that's where it's at right now and clearified. No vid nowhere else. So everything cool. Check it out there, if you want. It's almost like YouTube. Just without sharing functions, etc.

Yeah, I know. Communication is everything...


Around here being "like youtube" is not considered a good thing. Quicktime is preferred.

True. I come here for my Quciktime fix and have been doing it for years... Six years! Time flies when you are having fun.

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