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Well, we've seen quite a few escalator ads at this point (*linkies) - and some do better than others. This is not one of my favorites, I think I'd find it a little creepy walking on someone - people do avoid that if they can, a phenomena already mentioned in the comments to the Juicy Hair Salon ad. But I get it, relax so in that sense, it works.

* here are the linkies.
Stabilo Giant marker highlighter on escalator ad
consol Energy - on Switch
Hopa Hari amusement park
Pantene straight hair - China

Fields, Brazil

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  • Kissmekatey's picture

    This is a little creepy. I don't want to walk on peoples back.

    Dec 12, 2009
  • Toni Doyle's picture
    Toni Doyle (not verified)

    I have asked you to stop sending and billing me $46.93 for a lousy product. Stop it now, to insure you do I am filling a complain with Arkansas Attorney General's office Monday.

    Toni Doyle
    7004 Comanche Drive
    North LIttle Rock, AR 72116

    Oct 15, 2016
  • Dabitch's picture

    Hey Toni, you've made a wrong turn on the internet.

    Oct 15, 2016

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