This new print campaign from FFL Paris for Wrangler depicts humans as animals, or how a nature photographer might see us if we were drinking from lakes late at night. (Many more images inside folks) These images were shot at night, right in the heart of a forest in "the wilds" of the New Jersey state (USA). The entire shoot team, together with the thirteen models, were deliberately subjected to a rough ordeal, in difficult conditions, to ensure that the models got out of their ‘acting’ roles, no longer posing but pushed to reveal their truer animal instincts. There's also a one minute mood commercial in the campaign.

The "we are animals" campaign will run all around Europe, where each country will use 4 to 6 key visuals, and the images will be placed on giant billboards in city centres.

The commercial;
Wrangler - "we are animals" / Humans - (2008) :60 (France)

Executive Creative Director : Fred & Farid Art Director : Julie Louison, Perinne Durand CopywriterJulie Louison, Perinne Durand Agency Supervisor : Fred & Farid, Daniel Dormeyer, Brani Branitcheva, Vassilios Basos, Paola Bersi Advertiser Supervisor : Giorgio Presca, Mark Cuthbert, Gary Burnand, Carmen Claes Art Buyer : Camille Guerrier, Charlotte Delobelle Media Strategy and Buying :FFL Media, Pascal Crifo