2007 Adland Roundup - The Ads - Part 1

By now most of you have probably taken a gander at the 2007 Adland Roundup - A look back at the year in advertising. And as usual, we're bringing you the best, worst, craziest, and otherwise notable ads of the past year. So, enjoy this first bite-sized installment and check back soon for the rest.

Trend Alert: Hand Concepts:
VW - Galanty Show (2007) 1:25 (Germany) and Draught Guinness - Hands (2007) 0:60 (UK)

Creepiest Hand Models:
Edge ActiveCare Shave Cream - Change/Just Saying/Good Stuff/Changed My Life

Best Dancing Windsocks:
Tooheys - Tall Men (2007) 0:60 (Australia) and Heart FM - Windsocks (2007) 0:30 (UK)

Best Paradise:
Pure Blonde - Brewtopia (2007) 0:60 (Australia)

Best Storytelling:
Ariel - A Little Boy (2007) 0:70 (Argentina) and The Body Shop/Helen Bamber Foundation -I am Elena (2007) 0:75 (UK)

Worst Advertising Stereotyping:
BBH Graduate Recruitment - When I Grow Up (2007) 1:45 (UK)

Best Bollywood-esque:
It's Friday - don't forget your condom tonight.

Best Tribute Film:
One Show - Paul Rand Tribute Film (2007) 4:00 (USA)

Most Improved Retailer Ads:
JCPenney - Every Day Matters/Feel Like a Star/Aviator

Most Mind-Numbing Billboard of the Year:
Billboard found in Atlanta

Craziest Local Fast Food Ad Campaigns:
Jimmy John's - Towel/Glutton/Urchin/Aliens/Delivery Vehicle/A Taste Test/Home From Work/Meeting/Falling/Peekaboo

Hungry Howie's - Pepperoni/Onion

Best Back to School:
Staples - Cheerleaders (2007) :30 (USA) and JCPenney - Zombies - long (2007) :60 (USA)

Best Execution of an Embarrassing School Moment:
JCPenney - Doodle Heart - long (2007) :60 (USA)

Best Mrs. Robinson Moment:
Clearasil - May Cause Confidence - Mom (2007) 0:30 (USA)

Worst spoof ever:
Nike - Spec/To Catch A Predator (2007) 1:06 (US)

Best Odd Couple:
Honda Civic - Trashed (2007) 0:60 (USA)

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