Katy Perry, David Beckham, Lionel Messi and WE ALL RUN for Adidas - or some run, but girls bounce cutely

Adidas is back, now with a campaign out to celebrate all of us who run. Not in the way they did back in 1998 which celebrated the quirks of runners as a club for people who are different enough to endure bleeding nipples and unabashed enough to stand naked at their cars changing clothes. Now runners aren't different anymore, now everyone runs. They do however run differently. Beckham powers through London like he's chasing youth itself, Lionel Messie speeds on as if a demon is on his tail and Katy Perry... Katy bounces down the beach with her little entourage of do-op girls in full makeup waving to freaks on bikes as if her beach-run is a social meeting.


The Mother Project: wear a scarf = support FM radio towers that broadcast songs of forgiveness to child soldiers

Invisible Children co-founder Bobby Bailey, who left the charity in 2009, has created another project sure to go viral. It's the voiceproject.org where the idea is that you buy a scarf with loving lyrics on it, and the money goes to fund FM radio masts which will broadcast songs sung by women from the Acholi tribe in northern Uganda asking their children to come home.

The project has been backed by the likes of Billy Bragg, Peter Gabriel and Tom Waits. They're encouraging other musicians to cover the Acholi tribe songs as well. Will this clip below reach as many eyeballs as Kony2012 did?

Kia Spill Cap
Kia Spill Can
Kia Spill Ground

Kia - Spill

Proof that every drops counts in the new Kia Rio.


Set me free, why don't you - Mad men?

NYTimes blog has a story from Young & Rubicam 1966, where bags of water dropped on poor protesters was the real life inspiration to the opening scene of Mad Men season 5.

The opening scenes of the Season 5 premiere of “Mad Men,” set in 1966, depicted a sort of knucklehead-racism at work, when young men from the advertising agency Young & Rubicam dropped bags filled with water on protesters picketing on the Madison Avenue sidewalk below. Wet and angry, several protesters came upstairs to demand to know who at the firm had dropped the water bombs.
One protester said in disgust, “And they call us savages.”


Etch A Sketch comments on their sudden political power in ads: stay straight in the middle

Eric Fehrnstrom compared Mitt Romney to an Etch A Sketch, then Colbert when on a joke-rampage, and the winner of it all is.... Etch a sketch! The toy everyone wanted another go at after all these jokes, The Ohio Art Company, maker of Etch A Sketch reported a spike in sales.


The Andy Awards shortlist - telling stories is back, in new forms.

The Andy Award Shortlist seems to have a new way of telling stories in common. Advertising was always about storytelling. Lets take a closer look at some of the shortlisted work, shall we?


Cat people (not the movie) are scarier than you think.

Purina® Cat Chow® has sprinkled their youtube channel with ®'s and added a two minute video showing people fessing up to being "a cat person". I can see where this idea might have begun, cat people are not dog people. Cat people are.. well.. different lets say. Driven by an undying love for a furball who coughs up their latest meal on the silk pillows, sharpens their claws on the antique chairs, and sheds twice as much hair on any item of clothing that is the opposite color of their fur. Yes, we're different, and there's an insight here. But the video shows people admitting to being cat people as if they are at an AA-meeting, before explaining why they are cat people. "Because he doesn't care if I have a bad hair day" says the man with not much hair at all, and that's the closest we get to it ever being funny. And that "insight" is so old it has whiskers on it. "I am a cat person" is repeated far too many times, and somehow, we're supposed to feel compelled to share this video with other cat people.


One Million Trees - Lost Without Them - (2012) :60 (Belgium)

One Million Trees - Lost Without Them - (2012) :60 (Belgium)

Nice Shoes Colorist Ron Sudul recently finished a pair of stirring international spots for the nonprofit group One Million Trees. The studio teamed up with The Academy of Film & the Arts Directors Armondo Acosta, Frederik Cassiers and Martijn De Schrijver, expertly modifying their raw black-and-white footage with wisps of color.

The projects are journeys through the forests of Flanders, Brakelbos and Overpelt in Belgium. A mix of aerial views and shots from the dense forest floors, the spots explore the human relationship with trees. Friends in Trees features a man and young girl ascending into the soaring branches. Lost without Them follows a fleet of helicopters in pursuit of one man wandering through the woods.

Misha Louy

Decon Continues its Growth in Advertising with Misha Louy Hire

In its continued expansion into the advertising space, NYC-based Decon has hired former BBDO and Droga5 veteran, Misha Louy as its new partner and EP. Already established as a record label, ideation shop and production company that has worked with A-list artists such as Kid Cudi, Roger Federer, Justin Bieber, Usain Bolt and Kanye West and brands such as Nike, HBO, Netflix, 2K Sports, P&G and Red Bull, Decon will aggressively seek to build its roster of talented, multipurpose directors under Louy's leadership.


KickStand Kicks-off with String of High Profile Projects

KickStand, a creative space built to create original music and sound design, has launched with a bang, orchestrating the sonically adventurous viral video for OK GO's Needing Getting and their Chevy Sonic Super Bowl spot; Shock Top's End of the World spot, which earned Adweek's Ad of the Day; sound designing David Guetta and Nikki Minaj's sensational Turn Me On music video (with 44 million YouTube views); and working on campaigns for Logitech, Exxon and other high profile brands.