Bob Gill


Forget All the Rules You Ever Learned About Graphic Design: Including the Ones in this Book

Bob Gill is a genius when it comes to graphic design, and this book is the proof of it.


The quick-hit format gives designers easy access to creative ideas.

Graphic Design as a Second Language: Bob Gill (Hands on Graphics)

This publication is part of the Handson Graphics series - an exciting and unique collection exploring the work of respected and highly talented intern
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Unspecial effects for graphic designers - Bob Gill

Graphic designer says: to hell with special effects.

Gill sans special effects

Bob Gill has finally crammed some of his best work into one book for the ultimate drool tool.

Exhibition of Gill's sense

The publication of Unspecial Effects for Graphic Designers will coincide with a major exhibition of Gill's design and illustration.
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