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TheMAG ArticleVid.me positions itself as bastion of Video Liberty after #YouTubeIsOverParty trends - is same shit, different name Dabitch557 min 47 sec ago
TheMAG ArticleNike "Search and Destroy" (1996) 1:00 (USA) kidsleepy11 hour 19 min ago
TheMAG Articleadidas Originals OZWEEGO - Back to the future ft. Dough-Boy, Lala Takahashi and Jackson Yee (2019) :30 (China) Dabitch04 hours 5 min ago
TheMAG ArticleTelenor - "That's not real" / Telenor takes a stand for screen-time (2019) :60 (Sweden) Dabitch05 hours 16 min ago
TheMAG ArticleKia GT Family - Barrel Racers (2019) :49 (USA) Dabitch01 day 6 min ago
TheMAG ArticleAlpha-1 still fake, but DraftFCB really really *really* want you to believe the statue of liberty stunt is real Dabitch31 day 28 min ago
TheMAG ArticleFarmers Insurance - Morning Ritual (2007) long ver 0:60 (USA) caffeinegoddess21 day 23 hours ago
TheMAG Article Budweiser, "Wind Never Felt Better" (2019) : 60 (USA) Dabitch32 days 17 min ago
TheMAG ArticleMichelob Ultra - Robot Workout Buddies (2019) :30 (USA) Dabitch12 days 19 min ago
TheMAG ArticleD&AD unveils visual identity for Festival 2019 Dabitch22 days 23 min ago
TheMAG ArticleAlexa - The Failures / Not every device should be an Alexa (2019) :90 (USA) Dabitch52 days 35 min ago
TheMAG ArticleColgate Total SF - Close Talker (2019) :15 (USA) Dabitch22 days 4 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleSkittles the Musical - "Advertising ruins everything" starring Michael C Hall (2019) :90 (USA) Dabitch02 days 4 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleChevy Truck - Skier's Dad - Olympics (2002) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch12 days 5 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleChili's - NSYNC - Doin' It (2002) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch12 days 5 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleGoogle - Number / Job Search for Veterans (2019) :69 (USA) Dabitch22 days 5 hours ago
TheMAG Article 1970 Dodge Charger 500 - Beach Proposal / Elliot - (1970) :30 (USA) Dabitch12 days 7 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleHyundai Sonata - Raise the Bar (1999) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch12 days 7 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleAdvocados from Mexico - Dog Show (2019) :60 (USA) Dabitch32 days 7 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleSearch and Destroy: The art of Sabo kidsleepy72 days 7 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleThird most popular party in Finland, Finns Party, has its political ad banned from cinema chain due to racism. Dabitch122 days 7 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleÅhléns new ad in Sweden, showing a father reading Pippi Longstocking in Dari, gets backlash on social media Dabitch62 days 7 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleWordpress shuts down several feminist blogs without warning. Dabitch292 days 7 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleThe Alpha-1 fake wrapping of the statue of Liberty Dabitch272 days 7 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleI love cum Dabitch72 days 7 hours ago