Rutger Hauer

Guinness - Inner Truths (1993) :50 (UK)

Rutger Hauer explores our inner truths, including our dark secrets.

Guinness - Tower of Babel / All the time (1994) :50 (UK)

This is the last time that we will see "The man with the Guinness" character portrayed by Rutger Hauer.

Guinness - "I may be some time" Rutger Hauer (1993) 1:40 (UK)

Guinness - Rutger Hauer

Guinness - Art (1991) :60 (UK)

Rutger Hauer walks through paintings made by Van Gogh, Frans Hals, and Renoir. While observing, as he does. Pure genius. 

Guinness - Rutger Hauer 'Pure Genius' Telepathy - part two (1989) :30 (UK)

Guinness 'Pure Genius' TV ad - Telepathy (2

Guinness - "Poet" starring Rutger Hauer (1989) :30 (UK)

Rutger Hauer

Guinness - Rutger Hauer 'Pure Genius' Telepathy (1989) :30 UK

"I have a secret. But I am a little shy.

Guinness - Rutger Hauer / Mars (1987) :60 (UK)

The planet mars is paradise. Voices are never raised in argument. There is only one sex, so, no emotional problems.
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